Poker Software

Poker programs are an integral part of modern professional and/or tournament games. Not only will they help you improve your own game by pointing out mistakes and shortcomings in your poker strategy and tactical actions, but they will also make it easier, more profitable and faster. Excellent advantage over your opponents.

Why do you need poker programs?

With the advent of poker software, as such, refusing to use it means giving an advantage to other players at the table. With the advent of Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker, they seemed to be enough for a normal game, but the industry does not stand still and offers the market more and more programs and services that reduce the number of losses to a minimum and allow you to intelligently squeeze out each successful maximum.

Learn how to take advantage of your opponents’ mistakes with the Coaching HUD, and learn how to win with the basic poker programs! Enroll in the PRO-MTT and PRO CASH courses for 0 rubles and conquer the tournament and cache poker!

What are the programs for playing poker?

They have their own classification by principle of operation:

  • Collecting statistics (PokerTracker, Holdem Manager). It is mandatory for everyone who wants to play with a positive increase in bankroll, not just play. There are plenty of offers on the market and each program or set needs to be sorted out beforehand to get the maximum.
  • Working with boards and ranges (HoldemResources, ICMIZER 2). Provides so-called “homework” by collecting poker statistics from past sessions, displaying winning and losing rates and allowing conclusions to be drawn about typical errors. Range programs are also available in real time, right at your desk.
  • Controllers of the enemy game (NoteCaddy ProTools Pack). The information about the opponents, collected on the basis of statistics for a long time with a qualitative evaluation of each handout is simply necessary for a profitable game, especially at tables with high stakes or in the final stages of tournaments, when only the best are left in the game.
  • Auxiliary programs (TableNinja). Some underestimate the convenience of small but extremely useful programs, such as landing control, tilt control (when typical mistakes or inattention and so on are noted) and so on.

In conclusion.

The poker software is an important element of the modern game. We offer you a selection of the best rated poker programs that make the game more profitable and easier to play.